Periodic Service Alerts

iTAC Fleets maintains a service schedule and record for every vehicle helping you plan ahead to set, measure and review your safety benchmarks, thereby eliminate unnecessary expenses. Our system will your team when the maintenance is due. Receive Alerts via SMS or email and Track maintenance by time, mileage, and odometer.

Live Tracking with Geofencing

With live tracking you can get the exact accurate location of your vehicle anytime and anywhere; Get your vehicle back before it heads over the border. Just install our low cost GPS tracking device on your vehicle that allows you to find it if stolen. Track route deviations. Measure distance travelled accurately. Create checkpoints, fences and Points of interest and get alerted when vehicles enter/exit those fences.

Anti theft, Untimely Motion Detection

Anti Jamming features to counter theft Inbuilt battery to protect from vehicle power disconnect Accelerometer to detect device 'throw-out' Install accessories like immobilizer and glass break sensors. Use advanced accessories like Digital locks, RFID etc to further improve efficiency of asset movement. Also equip your drivers with unique identification devices like RFIDs to receive notifications if an unauthorized person swipes into the car.

Trip by trip Analysis

Keltron-iTAC gives you trip by trip analysis with about all your fleet and driver activities. Detailed reports are provided on vehicle use, trip timing, idling, stops made, rute deviation etc . Dashboards provide comprehensive information on vehicle utilisation, cost incurred, fuel saved and compliance.

Track Fuel Consumption

With iTAC, keep monitoring real time fuel tank levels, fuel purchased vs actual fuel and the fuel consumption; save upto 20% in fuel every year. Measure the fuel consumption of fleet vehicles or any abnormal fuel usage or leakage. This helps to optimise fuel usage across the fleet, lower costs and make you more efficient. Unexpected drop in fuel levels are quickly communicated to the fleet manager. Fleet managers can effectively track fuel dispensing and fuel consumption.

Scheduling & Routing

Organize delivery/pickup/drop points, mark it all together and create a route. Assign this route to your drivers and get them follow the rules & stoppages that you set. Get notified quickly by SMS alerts and quickly act upon the unnecessary stoppages and exceeding idle times. Moreover Keltron-iTACs Route optimisation feature, provide business owners with the greatest advantage of creating routes from the historical data; find the least time consuming route and assign vehicles to follow the same.

Impact Alert

Our sensor inside the device measures your car's 3D orientation a hundred times in a second and its inbuilt algorithms can detect an impact (possibly due to Hard Bump, Strong Jerk, Physical Knock or Collision). Get alerts on Vehicle breakdown, route deviation, overspeed, fuel pilferage, excessive idling, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), etc and other events.

Panic Switch & Camera Surveillance

Drivers or passengers can use the panic switch , In case of an emergency, our which would trigger an automated SMS to the vehicle owner as well as authorities. Customers can avail real-time camera feeds to ensure safe and secure of passengers , prevent driver misbehaviour and provide evidence on event of any crimes. Fleet Owners also find out wt how their assets are being handled and protected by their fleet staff