The mobile version of Keltron-iTAC enable fleet supervisors and transport who are outside their office premises to stay in control of their crew at all times. It allows mobile managers to quickly locate and contact nearby crew or get real-time status updates for anyone in their team. User friendly apps are developed not only for fleet owners but also for their customers based on business requirements. iTAC app repository includes

Fleet supervisor app: Enables fleet /delivery/ school managers to track &trace their fleets, SMS and call drivers ,send routes, schedules, receive alerts on events of route deviation, breakdowns, fence entry, exit and accidents, view reports on vehicle performance and usage

Driver App: Provide drivers with all communication from office routes, schedules, bookings , customer / delivery location, billing info and sms

Customer app: Enables taxi/ travels customers to book or schedule payments, receive promotions, make payments and share their routes

School App for parents: Notifies parents when the bus is about to reach the stop, track bus position in real time, receive alerts based on attendance, bus breakdowns, route deviations

School Managers app: View reports on vehicle activity, fuel consumption, ROI on fleets, dashboards on fence violations, overspeeding and unauthorized vehicle use

Security & surveillance apps: Enable beat patrol to mark their routes, provide attendance, authenticationconfirm visits , capture evidence and send SOS alerts