Enterprise Software for Public Utility Emergency Response Mass Transport.

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One platform, all agencies. Seamless integration and instant optimization

Cutting costs and stretching the budget can be one of the primary goals of Government fleet managers. ITACs GOVERNMENT PLATFORM will help increase employee productivity and safety while decreasing the cost of fuel, payroll and even in contesting lawsuits. Keltron -iTAC has set-up a Master Control Center for monitoring fleets, set-up a GPS Device Assembly unit and full-fledged network for installation and service across the nation. iTAC is the only PSU solution with ARAI certification which is mandatory by many statutory bodies such as Surface transport ministry and Government of India.

Track and Trace Government Fleets :

Keltron ITAC Vehicle Tracking Solutions with Location Intelligence are specially suited for evolving intelligent and efficient government fleets. The tracking features, the emergency assist and pro-active alerts enables the fleet authorities to take pro-active actions and respond to issues and emergencies.

Profitable & Efficient Public Distribution Services :

iTACs Delivery Platform provide government agencies with accurate reports and timely alerts on their s transportation enabling them to Easily meet delivery targets, minimize perishable goods wastage, optimize routes and receive automatic real-time alerts: out-of-route, idling, speeding, mileage, fuel use, start and end time of deliveries.

For safer work sites and more productive heavy equipment :

Increase Service WITHOUT INCREASING COSTS. Keltron –iTAC platform provides an effective visibility, trace ability and monitoring support system to various types of facility operations such as in: Private and Public Offices, High Security Government Buildings, Hospitals / Research Laboratories, Military Installations, Mining / Oil and Gas / Petrochemical Plants.

Proof for Lawsuits :

State and Municipal fleets have the potential to lure in lawsuits. Fleet tracking software allows users to go back as far as needed to look up the history of a specific vehicle’s location and activity data, which could will help refute any claims and prove job completion.

Reduce carbon Footprint :

Using iTAC Fleets, federal or municipal fleets can become a green fleet helping to stem climate change and reducing your carbon footprint.