Itac Schools: Trusted Solution Used By Over 100 Schools

  • Web based platform
  • Improve fleet quantization
  • Better asset utilization
  • Optimizing business operations

Zero Investment GPS Tracking

In order for schools to implement GPS cost effectively, Keltron-iTAC offers a unique Saas Scheme where the basic GPS device is provided to schools free of cost and only subscription charges need to be provided by the students utilising the services including SMS alerts. These subscription charges normally come anywhere between Rs 35- 50 per student and depends on the service packages and features chosen by the schools. This scheme is intended to eliminate the high upfront investment cost normally projected by other GPS solutions in market today and also to encourage use of GPS tracking for safety in school sector.

Management :

  • Receive alert if the vehicle has not moved from a particular place at any time.
  • Accurate time of pick and drop off stops.
  • RFID readers & RFID swipe tag will alert the presence of students in the vehicle and in the school.
  • Mobile alert through sms for the over speeding and rash driving of school vehicles.
  • Optional fuel sensor to know fuel consumed, fuel filled and fuel theft through mobile alerts.
  • Alerts to know the FC time, Oil change and insurance due date in advance.
  • Trip summary with exact kilometers covered and time delay at each pickup/drop stops.
  • Alerts to know unnecessary idling of engine and fuel wastage.

Parents :

  • Parents will get web & SMS alerts regarding the location of school vehicle before pick up and drop.
  • Alert the parents if students has taken a different bus route or the bus turn in wrong route.
  • RFID Reader -Alerts the parents about the student boarding or deboarding the bus.
  • Alerts -no bus on a particular route for the day.