Enterprise Software for Public Utility Emergency Response Mass Transport.

  • Track and Resolve
  • Security Bridge
  • Deviation
  • Asset Utilization
  • Integrated Response Management
  • Virtual Incident Management

The iTAC Surveillance platform deploys a full –pledged system comprising of advanced tools and latest technologies to detect, prevent and eliminate such security threats as assaults, accidents, misbehaviour, break-ins, tampering, untimely actions , fire, smoke, unusual noises, drunken driving . The world class Keltron-iTAC GPS/GPRS devices with capability to connect to many peripherals with all the standards like CEE certification. The device proposed here is capable of adding devices like camera, various sensors like alcohol impact, over speeding etc.

Incident Management :

  • Detection of security breaches such as breaking, tampering and fire
  • Automatic alerts dispatched to closest response units, Police Stations, Mobile Squads, Highway Squads, Ambulances and Fire Engines
  • Exact distress location and extent of distress captured
  • Live monitoring of movements of response units
  • Provision to communicate with response unit via application
  • Live video streaming of events
  • Complete incident report including incident detected time, response time incident closed time

Identify Non compliance and SLA violations :

  • Track and Trace operations of security units
  • Live tracking of security fleets
  • Real – time alerts on events of deviations, unauthorized stops
  • Authorization modules with photo evidence to validate identities of staff
  • Reports on attendance, late entries, negligence , dress code violations, security equipment failures

Better asset utilization and improved productivity :

  • Reports on actual distance covered, fuel used, route deviations by fleets
  • Performance dashboard of assets
  • SLA violation and non compliance reports
  • Route optimization logic.