User Friendly Web Application

The iTAC application provide users with complete information needed to control and manage their fleets. Users are provided a web portal with web access to Monitor, Manage, Track and retrieve reports Features of their fleets. The application front end is simple, easy to use and doesn't require any knowledge Beni?ts of fleet management systems. You have access to the platform anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier just login and instantly enjoy the latest version of the platform.


  • Highly secure and redundant software
  • Attractive Visualization of features
  • Simple language
  • Dashboard for quick real time data
  • Map-tools for easier map use
  • Payment options
  • Contact Support features

Cloud Based Architecture

The ITAC application is cloud enabled installation which hosted in a secure, redundant, backed-up environment. The cloud architecture enables the application to scale up on demand basis. The solution uses highly secure and scalable framework including Java/J2EE, PHP, spring, Struts etc. The dedicated M2M (Machine-to-Machine) gateway allows integration to multiple device types at the same time. The Service Oriented distributed architecture ensures the application scalability and redundancy.


  • No upfront cost for hardware storage
  • Faster Access & Least downtime
  • Any no: of vehicles can be added
  • Easy to Customize
  • Version updates & maintenance made easy

Licensed based Maps for Use

Keltron-iTAC uses only paid version of Google Maps meant for business use With accurate and refreshed map data from across the world, you can track your assets with high position accuracy. iTAC users can avail the map features for geofencing, land marking and adding contact addresses.

  • Locate all vehicles in one glance
  • Create geofences and alerts on map
  • Replay all points in a trip
  • Track vehicle to streetwise/landmark level
  • View stops and route deviations in realtime

Charts and Dashboards

Keltron-iTAC makes fleet management simple and elegant through professional quality charts. Decision This eliminates the tedious effort of sifting through statistics-dense documents, because nowour easy - to - use charts do the sorting for you.

  • ITAC Reports
  • Asset -wise and consolidated data
  • Monthly Reports on Fuel, Vehicle performance
  • Daily reports on trip, distance, speed
  • Idling, Ignition on/ off and stop reports
  • Fast, reliable and on - time SMS

Network & Coverage

Highly responsive, redundant SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) connection SMS Gateways are used to ensure to school authorities and parents. The iTAC network is a GSM Network (Like BSNL/AIRTEL/TATA DOCOMO), CDMA Network (Like MTS/RELIANCE) or Satellite Network (Like IRIDIUM). Typically an installation for urban/semi urban regions will have GSM based communication. This normally will suffice 99.5 operation places in Kerala.. CDMA networks are used to provide more coverage than conventional GSM.